United under Orica Digital Solutions, Terra Insights and GroundProbe merge geotechnical technologies and capabilities

At the recent Slope Stability 2024 symposium in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, we celebrated the news that, united under Orica Digital Solutions, Terra Insights, and GroundProbe, have merged their innovative geotechnical technologies and capabilities with advanced geospatial instrumentation and expertise, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for their customers.

Sharing the news with over 600 participants from across the geotechnical community, we announced that the acquisition will see a suite of monitoring solutions offered to our customers that span from real-time to periodic monitoring, and surface, and sub-surface.

Terra Insights and GroundProbe combine safety solutions

By combining our innovative safety solutions, Terra Insights and its platform of brands—RST Instruments, Measurand, 3vGeomatics, Syscom Instruments, and NavStar—with GroundProbe’s geotechnical monitoring technologies, including radars and lasers, we will provide our customers with a fully diverse suite of geotechnical monitoring capabilities. 

The complete end-to-end solution of sensors, connectivity, software, and services will provide them with a comprehensive set of tools, allowing our customers to better manage risk profiles.
Terra Insights and GroundProbe strengthens Orica Digital Solutions. This enables a multidimensional geotechnical and geospatial view of mining and infrastructure projects, allowing for unparalleled confidence in risk assessment and decision making.

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We have some exciting news to share. We are proud to announce that Terra Insights will join Orica in 2024 to expand their digital solutions platform.

Who is Orica

Orica is a world-leading mining and infrastructure solutions provider, based in Australia. From the production and supply of explosives, blasting systems, mining chemicals and geotechnical monitoring to our cutting-edge digital solutions and comprehensive range of services, Orica sustainably mobilizes the earth’s resources. Orica’s portfolio serves a wide range markets and operations.

Who is GroundProbe

GroundProbe, a member of the Orica Group, is a global technology leader specializing in real-time solutions for measuring and monitoring geohazards.

Why Terra Insights

Terra Insights is an end-to-end sensors and data delivery technology platform for geotechnical, structural and geospatial monitoring of assets in mining and infrastructure. By joining Orica, Terra Insights builds on the success of GroundProbe and establishes a global leading geotechnical and structural monitoring business. It also creates a compelling growth opportunity by leveraging combined global network and capabilities. Finally, Terra Insights accelerates growth in Orica Digital Solutions—which already represents an impressive set of monitoring technologies.

From Mark Price, CEO of Terra Insights

We are excited to partner with Orica for Terra Insights’ next chapter of growth,” said Mark Price, CEO of Terra Insights. “Given our strong working relationship with Orica for nearly a decade, this combination is a great next step in the evolution of our end-to-end sensor and data delivery platform through working closely with Orica’s Digital Solutions and GroundProbe businesses. This is a level of collaboration that is global-minded and future-focused. Importantly, this transaction meaningfully enhances the solutions we can collectively provide to our valued customers and expand geography across the mining and critical infrastructure markets.”

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Terra Insights launches as industry’s first scalable platform that offers trusted, unified monitoring technologies and data delivery solutions from underground to above  

British Columbia/New Brunswick/Switzerland – January 25, 2022—Terra Insights today announced its official launch as the industry’s first cloud-based and on-premises platform that offers unified monitoring technologies and data delivery solutions from underground to above for proactive risk-informed decision-making for critical assets. 

Terra Insights is powered by the trusted and globally experienced brands RST Instruments, Measurand, 3vGeomatics, and Syscom Instruments. By combining the unique strengths of each brand, Terra Insights has built a comprehensive platform of geotechnical, structural, and geospatial monitoring technology, along with purpose-built data delivery solutions. Terra Insights’ instrumentation and sensors are used in projects around the world where critical monitoring and integrity is paramount.   

“We are thrilled to officially unveil Terra Insights, a new platform that brings together the best brands in the industry, along with their flagship products. By joining forces, our four brands have created the first, one-stop in-ground, at-ground, in-space monitoring technology and data delivery platform for simple yet powerful site-based visibility of assets,” Terra Insights CEO Mark Price said. “Terra Insights will allow clients to effectively monitor their projects with speed and confidence, optimize resources, and ensure compliance with increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations—all from one trusted vendor.”  

Terra Insights monitors areas of interest at scale, from high-capacity mine sites to entire networks, such as railways, highways, and pipelines with geospatial, ground-based, and structural-based instrumentation. The platform also measures movement in airports, bridges, hydroelectric and tailings dams, mines, and tunnels. Measurement information flows from a range of monitoring sensors into Terra Insight’s trusted data systems to help reduce project costs, increase production output, save time, and increase safety.   

With a combined 100 years of experience and 20 global patents, RST Instruments, Measurand, 3vGeomatics, and Syscom Instruments bring award-winning expertise to clients around the world. The four industry leaders already serve over 1000 clients and possess proven track records on major projects including the UK Rail Network, Canadian oil sands, Żelazny Most tailings storage facility in Poland, the Antamina mine in Peru, and California’s Oroville Dam spillway reconstruction.  

“Our monitoring technologies are designed and supported by engineers and industry experts who provide both off-the-shelf and custom-engineered solutions to site-specific problems. We are confident our scalable platform will deliver the unified strategies clients need for a seamless experience at every stage, from planning to implementation with an unprecedented level of data-backed insight that cannot be found anywhere else,” Price said. 

About Terra Insights 

Terra Insights and their four industry-leading brands design and manufacture highly engineered instrumentation, monitoring, and data delivery solutions for a wide range of geotechnical, structural and geospatial applications where critical asset monitoring and integrity is paramount. End use applications include critical structures such as bridges, hydroelectric dams, mines, railroads, airports, tailings dams, tunnels, and highways.  

Terra Insights brings clients deep expertise with over 100 degreed engineers and geoscientists, 20 global patents, 25 global offices, and a network of over 30 global partners and professionals in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa and Switzerland. They are part of Vance Street Capital’s portfolio of highly engineered solutions businesses across the industrial, medical, aerospace and defense markets. Vance Street formed the Terra Insights platform with investments in RST Instruments in August 2017, Measurand in February 2019, 3vGeomatics in July 2021 and Syscom Instruments in October 2021. 


Erika May